Stronghold: Warlords Demo Key Giveaway

stronghold warlords demo giveaway

Get onto the front lines early as Stronghold: Warlords, the cut and thrust strategic title from the BAFTA nominated developer Firefly Studios, kicks off a Demo Key Giveaway here at Gamesapce.

We were are fully booked up to ack our shield and hit the front lines with Stronghold: Warlords at this year’s EGX Rezzed. Unfortunately, no strategy we could think of was going to get us a hands on with the upcoming medieval strategy with coronavirus attacking the population. With that in mind, why don’t you just dispense with the queueing and grab a hands on with a few clicks? We’re giving away a cache of demo keys for Stronghold: Warlords this weekend.

New Field Of Battle

If you weren’t watching for this new title coming over the horizon then you’re in for a treat. Stronghold: Warlords is the latest entry in a classic castle sim series. This entry challenges players to an eastern twist on the series, adding a ton of new content and missions for commanders and leaders of men to take on as they conquer everything before them. Featuring the first use of gunpowder in the Stronghold franchise, players will get the opportunity to try out a bunch of new units and cannon fodder. You’re sure to find some explosive action with units liKe the Hwacha, Fire Ox, Catapult and Rocket Cart. You’ll even be able to collect Warlords and deploy them on the battlefield where these heroic units will change the tide of battle with unique properties of their own.

Enter Now

Fall in and try this demo, giving you an overview of some of the awesome new features available in Stronghold: Warlords, including:

  • Full playable mission from the Chinese portion of the main Warlords campaign (238 BC)
  • Team up with the Dragon and Ox Warlords to succeed, using the new Warlords map to build up their army and launch a pincer attack on Lao Ai
  • Build up their castle economy while under siege from Lao’s forces or attack immediately
  • Either way players must breach Lao’s fortress and slay the traitor before the timer runs out (20 minutes)
  • New units:
    • Troops – Tribesmen, Axemen, Archer, Imperial Warrior, Crossbowman, Fire Lancer, General and Horse Archer
    • Siege Weapons – Rocket Cart, Catapult, Fire Oxen, Hwacha (Fire Arrow Cart) and Mantlet
  • New production chains and buildings
  • New warlords with new abilities (Dragon / Horse)

Just put your email address in below and prepare to face the hordes.

Thanks to Firefly Studiosyou can grab a hands on with the game a little ahead of the final release. All you have to do to get a taste of combat is enter your email address below. We will keep the giveaway open until Saturday 31 May 23:59 Eastern Coast Time. Winners will be emailed with a redeemable Steam code for the Stronghold: Warlords demo so PC players can get in on the action. If you can’t wait for Saturday then you can head over to wishlist Stronghold: Warlords right now.

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