Take a Peek at Artificer’s Tower Thanks to a New Steam Demo

Take a Peek at Artificer's Tower Thanks to a New Steam Demo

RodentGames has announced that a new demo has arrived for Artificer’s Tower ahead of its 2024 launch. Players looking to peek at it before next year’s launch can try out a vertical slice of gameplay action in the all-new demo.

Players put on the robes of a budding mage tasked with becoming a master of magical arts. Fallout Shelter has inspired developers as they’ve designed this all-new magical experience. The goal is to combine resource management and colony sim gameplay into an all-new interpretation of the genre. Players will build various rooms that will connect to create wildly-shaped wizard towers. Along the way, new mages will arrive, each with strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to the head mage (that’s you, the player!) to build barracks for them to sleep in, classrooms to teach them, trap rooms for fending off enemies, and more.

Features include

  • Build Your Dream Tower: Be the architect you’ve always dreamed of and build your mage tower however you see fit. Add rooms for your mage’s to learn, create traps, enchant weapons, create potions and more.
  • Defend Your Home: There’s always someone out to try and steal your magic! Fend off enemies using traps and spells and watch them drop like flies.
  • Manage and Train Your Mages: Keep your tower running efficiently by keeping your mages happy. Pay them generous wages, fulfill their needs, keep them entertained, and your wizarding empire will thrive.
  • Craft New Materials: Start with simple recipes and work your way towards complex crafting chains as your mages advance in their studies.
  • Summon Bosses: Even the nastiest creatures wish to wipe your mages off the map. Summon powerful bosses each with their own army of followers. Show off the strength of your tower and its mages to take them down.

Check out the Artificer’s Tower Steam demo and let us know what you think!

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