Take a Peek at UNITED 1944 Thanks to a Steam Next Fest Demo

Take a Peek at UNITED 1944 Thanks to a Steam Next Fest Demo

Novarama has announced that fans of UNITED 1944 can check out the game thanks to the arrival of a Steam Next Fest demo. Players can try out a vertical slice of the game to get an idea of its features. Once the demo is complete, players can opt to purchase the game and squad up with their buddies to continue the adventure.



  • Two game modes: Domination and Survivor
  • Domination: 16 vs 16 territorial control urban warfare set in World War II
  • Survivor: A sandbox extraction mode for up to 24 players, fighting for survival and loot
  • Three large maps as battlefields with advanced outposts to conquer, with more coming soon
  • Boot camp and shooting range to hone your skills
  • Rich, dense cities, where every building is traversable and offers unique lines of sight and combat advantages
  • Team hierarchy with squad leads and squad comms
  • In-session skill tree with 40+ skills to choose mid-battle
  • 20+ weapons including WWII classics, like M1 Garand, MP40, or the Kar98k, and makeshift resistance weapons
  • Solid weapon model: damage falloff, ballistics projectiles, recoil, and spread
  • Weapon audio recorded live from original World War II weapons
  • Full communications system: ping, VoIP (proximity, squad), text chat
  • Freeform building of walls, doors, barricades, and platforms to fortify positions
  • Scavenging, crafting, and inventory management via backpacks and chests
  • Dynamic day-night cycles
  • Use intel gadgets to reveal the enemy strategy
  • Collaboration mechanics: revive team mates, shared resource depots, cooperative building

Check out the United 1944 Steam page for all the details.

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