Take To The Stage With Rising Star 2 Customization Trailer

Indie games outfit Gilligames has dropped a bunch of new detail on their upcoming management sim, Rising Star 2 so you can strike your own pose on stage.

We might’ve been busy on other gigs, but it looks like indie developer Gilligames published an update on their soon to be musical management simulator and it is all about customization. Players picking up Rising Star 2 when it comes to PC, will find themselves building a brand new rock band and aiming for the stars. Crucial to any musical menagerie is the look of your own musicians.

Looking to allow players an opportunity to fine tune their image, as well as their musical talents, the latest update on Rising Star 2’s development provides a whole host of clothing options, accessories and hairstyles for musicians to choose from. Whether it is free flowing to a classic mohawk, there’s plenty to choose from.

Players will be able to set their image in stone with a huge array of in game instruments to chose from too. Gibson Flying V, Le Paul Classic or Gretsch Duo Jet, all give off a very different impression and all of these are up for grabs in Rising Star 2. If any aspiring band needs a change of outlook, then those very same guitars can be put on display when they are not in action on tour. Rising Star 2 boasts 600 different types of equipment to swap in and out, much of it with a very particular aesthetic. With thousands of combinations of hairstyles, makeup, and clothing, as well as a80 different paint jobs for the aforementioned tour bus, there seems to be a bunch of ways to channel your inner superstar to build a brand new musical legend when Rising Star 2 launches on PC, via Steam, on 12 August 2020. Check out the new Rising Star 2 customization trailer and our early hands on impressions here at Gamespace.

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