Rising Star 2

rising star 2 giveaway win a copy

Rising Star 2 Giveaway – Win A Place On Stage

Last week, Rising Star 2 took to the stage on PC, via Steam, cranking the volume up to 7 and presenting an interesting new twist on the traditional RPG. The only wizards you’ll find here are on the gu...

Rising Star 2

Channel Your Inner Rockstar with Rising Star 2

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a world-renowned rockstar, you’ll be happy to hear that you can make those dreams come true in Rising Star 2 that is now available for PC via Steam. The ...

Rising Star 2 giveaway

Rising Star 2 Review – An Interesting Second Album

If you’ve ever spent your evening watching your Sims play rock star int heir front rooms or figured that a case of King complex wasn’t quite enough musical interaction for your top-down strategy, find...

7 Good
Rising Star 2 Customization Trailer

Take To The Stage With Rising Star 2 Customization Trailer

Indie games outfit Gilligames has dropped a bunch of new detail on their upcoming management sim, Rising Star 2 so you can strike your own pose on stage. We might’ve been busy on other gigs, but it lo...

rising star 2 stage

Rising Star 2 Gets Set To Raise The Roof With Our Backstage Interview

Rising Star 2 is set to hit PCs in August 2020, bringing us a brand new type of Guitar Hero for music fans. Before we tune-up for the headline act, we caught some time with Todd Gillissie, founder of ...

Rising Star 2

Rising Star 2 Goes On Tour in Q3 2020

Gilligames has announced that Rising Star 2, the sequel to the original 2007 title, will be making its debut in Q3 2020. Players will be able to customize their own budding star that will travel throu...

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