Tanks Mobile Battle of Kursk Arrives for Mobile Devices

Tanks Mobile Battle of Kursk

Popace has sent word that its latest mobile game has arrived for iOS and Android devices. Players can grab a copy of Tanks Mobile Battle of Kursk on the App Store of Google Play.

Tanks Mobile Battle of Kursk

If you are a fan of WW2, this is a game of interest. In it, you will work to collect all tanks in the game, including those from Allied and Axis. Your goal is to create a powerful squad of tanks as well as bring the fight to your enemies.

You will find other features including:

  • Battle as one of the 50 unique and varied epic tanks from Sherman Jumbo to White Tiger in WW2. You can even gather the ones that are not applied to battles in the history
  • Equip your tank legion with legendary gear to smash enemies into ashes
  • Recruit famous people in the history to drive the battle tanks
  • Strategy is key: Find your tank’s strengths and form the ultimate alliance
  • Battle horrifying War Machine of evil and become the one true leader
  • Clash in grueling challenge levels to test your battle skills

You will find that starting out in the game is easy, at least during the first week. You can collect a number of items simply by logging in for the first week. Your gifts include epic tanks, warrior sets, a level rush promotion, double diamonds and rare shop items for discounted prices.

You can learn more on the game’s official site.

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