Test Your Metal In RoboCo Alpha and Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition

roboco alpha

Mech some time in your schedule for RoboCo, the sandbox building sim, as it kicks off alpha testing and preps for the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition.

Filament Games is just about finished polishing the chrome on their own automatons and lucky players are already getting their hands on some impressive looking machines as RoboCo begins alpha testing. Signups for the initial tests opened up before the start of alpha testing, last week, but there’s another opportunity to play with these shiny bots ahead of RoboCo’s eventual PC launch, via Steam, in early 2021.

Players eager to get some hands on time with RoboCo who might have missed the alpha testing will find it in the Steam Autumn games Festival between 7-10 October. As you might imagine, anybody clawing their way into alpha will find plenty of metal monstrosities to tinker with in RoboCo, but this isn’t the arena brawler that makes me want to get behind Override so badly. RoboCo has a different set of programming. Designed to put your engineering skills to the test, and built to help engage teachers and pupils with robotics, this charming puzzler hides plenty of unique challenges for players ready to test their ingenuity, from creating a robot that can serve sandwiches to making coffee. Mostly, I’m in this for the coffee. With a whole toolbox of drives, motors, controls, and pointy bits, there is plenty that can go wrong or right, depending on your goals. Think arena brawler Robocraft without the lasers and more tea.

While VR add ons won’t be included until Early Access arrives, RoboCo looks like a charming chance to collaborate, build, and remember how everything sometimes goes disastrously. If you want to avoid a Kerbal like end for your next shiny contraption then you can get acquainted during the ongoing alpha test or try the demo in Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition.

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