main assembly

Main Assembly Rolls Into Production And Launches Today

Bad Yolk and Team17 have added the last lick of paint to Main Assembly as this sandbox construction sim launches today. Available now across PC, via Steam, this free from experience rolls off the prod...

Override 2: Super Mech League Out Now

Override 2: Super Mech League Out Now On PC & Console

Override 2: Super Mech League, the follow up to the chrome plated collisions of robots and oversized alien invaders, is out now. Powering up and synching up on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation...

yooka-laylee is coming to volta-x

Yooka-Laylee Is Coming To Volta-X

Yooka-Laylee, the upbeat platformer from Playtonic Games, is about to bring a brand new twist to Volta-X with a newly announced collaboration event. Yooka and Laylee, a bright green chameleon and a ch...

roboco alpha

Test Your Metal In RoboCo Alpha and Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition

Mech some time in your schedule for RoboCo, the sandbox building sim, as it kicks off alpha testing and preps for the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition. Filament Games is just about finished polishi...

override 2 super mech league beta

Mech It Quick, The Override 2 Super Mech League Beta Begins Tomorrow

Get ready to pound your enemies into the ground and lay cities to waste as the chrome-plated pugilism of Override returns tomorrow in the Override 2 Super Mech league beta. Kicking off tomorrow and ru...

Main Assembly design a droid

Design A Droid And Get Famous With Main Assembly

Main Assembly needs some help with form over function this month as the robot crafting title kicks off a community creation competition. Main Assembly, a title that brings together your imagination an...

Autonauts Review – It’s All for Naut!

Are you tired of landing on uninhabited planets with nothing but your wits about you? Do you hate hacking down tree after tree and planting seed after seed? Is your back achy from carrying too many ro...

8.5 Great
super mech champions

Super Mecha Champions Launches in July And It Looks Gun-DAM fun!

Super Mecha Champions is about to mech you take another look at the battle royale genre. In July, Netease is taking the average PUBG participant and flushing them through an anime transformation seque...

Xera: Survival

XERA: Survival Early Access Robot Rampage

XERA: Survival is about to change your preconceptions of New Zealand for good. You’re unlikely to see a single talking tree as indie developers Spotted Kiwi Interactive release the robot uprising on 2...

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