Mech It Quick, The Override 2 Super Mech League Beta Begins Tomorrow

Get ready to pound your enemies into the ground and lay cities to waste as the chrome-plated pugilism of Override returns tomorrow in the Override 2 Super Mech league beta.

Kicking off tomorrow and running until the 4 October, the Override 2 Super Mech League Beta is a chance for fans of massive anime battles and raging Kaiju to kick chrome and get an early taste of the metal action coming in Override 2. The follow up to Mech City Brawl was unveiled during August and is almost upon us with this beta test preparing pilots for the December release. Coming to PC, Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series consoles, Override 2 brings together the same solid anime-inspired robot action we already know with a new twist for the second in the series.

More Of The Same?

Fans returning to this version of Override will find that things have changed from busting up civilian cities and protecting the planet from invading aliens to something a little more sporty. Starting out as a new pilot, players will seek to propel themselves through the ranks in a fully fleshed career mode. Competing in arenas around the world, new pilots will face off against unknown foes, as well as a bunch of returning entries. This league based challenge also bundles in plenty of chaotic interaction with a range of versus and co-op modes, online, local multiplayer and a host of adequately over the top weapons to Gundam your enemies with.

To grab a chair and strap into a new robot, you can head over to the Override 2 Super Mech league website and enter your details for an opportunity to try out the beta. There look to be spaces available on all platforms which means ultimate attack moves and silly-sounding monologues for all. For more on Override 2 Super Mech league check out the official website now.

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