The Church in the Darkness find its Preachers’ Voice

Paranoid Productions Releases A Soulful Duet by GlaDOS and TF2’s Sniper
Church in the Darkness

Following appearances at 2017’s Playstation and making IGN’s list for games to for 2018, Paranoid Productions released an original song from its upcoming game The Church in the Darkness, featuring the iconic voices behind Team Fortress 2’s Sniper and Portal‘s GLaDOS.

John Patrick Lowrie and Ellen McLain take on the roles of Preachers Isaac and Rebecca Walker, leaders of the a pseudo-Christian cult known as The Collective Justice Mission. This soulful folk song, called “The Song of Forgiveness”, is one of five original pieces written for The Church in the Darkness.

The Church in the Darkness is an infiltration game set in backdrop of the 1970s. The player will take on the role of Vic, an ex-law enforcement officer, whose nephew has joined The Collective Justice Mission and moved to their socialist utopia in South American: a compound called Freedom Town.

While there is not a release date yet, Paranoid Productions will be appearing with more information on development at PAX East in April as well as the Game Developer’s Conference.

For more information on The Church in the Darkness and other gaming news, keep it locked in here are GameSpace.

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