The Eyes Of Ara Is Out On Nintendo Switch

the eyes of ara

The Eyes Of Ara invites you to visit a mysterious castle and unravel the mystery that lies within this award-winning puzzle adventure.

Developed by Australia’s 100 Stones Interactive, this enigmatic puzzler descends on a castle that holds more than just empty rooms. Untouched for centuries the rumors that surround this structure are legendary. As a radio transmission leaps forth from the bowels of the stone fortress, it becomes clear that something has woken up.A range of challenges await players that chose to take on the castle and its secrets. Unlock patterns, pick locks, and deduce password as you examine every possible object for a way forward. Descend into the inner depths of the game and maybe, just maybe, you might find out what exactly is happening.

The Switch port of The Eyes of Ara incorporates the same awesome atmosphere and graphics that you might remember from its 2016 Steam release. This is enhanced by brand new Joycon support and touch screen controls, intended to add to a tactile element to gameplay. When docked players will be able to use the Joycon gyro to pick up and examine objects. On the go, the touchscreen will allow players to do the same thing getting them up close and personal with this adventure.

“The thrill of finding a secret passageway or hearing the pins click in a locked door feels great when you can almost feel the key in your hands,” said Ben Droste, lead developer, 100 Stones Interactive. “On Nintendo Switch, The Eyes of Ara welcomes players with new ways to explore the fascinating, perplexing castle and its mind-bending puzzles.”

The Eyes of Ara might not be the newest adventure on the market but if you are looking for an adventure before the launch of Overwatch on Switch then The Eyes of Ara could be your perfect getaway. The Eyes of Ara is out now at the Nintendo eShop for $14.99/£11.69 /€12,99.


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