The Sims 4 – 6 Months Roadmap

The Sims 4 - 6 Months Roadmap

Despite working from the confines of their own apartments since March 16th, the developers of life simulator The Sims 4 have been busy with the upcoming updates for the game. SimGuruDuke shared the roadmap that lets players know what to expect from the team over the next six months.

The developers are currently hard at work on the new Community Voted Stuff Pack, According to SimGuruDuke, it is really coming along together and it has been great having players’ input to help shape it.

In addition to the Stuff Pack, the team is also developing the next Expansion Pack that might be a surprise to many players. There will also be some new surprise additions that the team plans to bring to the game over the summer. Another group is focused on the next Game Pack that the team describes as “a major first for us”. The information on it will be shared later this year.

Lastly, we have been working on some fun ways to Stay Home and Play Together. No, we are not doing multiplayer. We want to help our community of players connect with each other (and us!) in this time of social distancing. As part of that, we Gurus want a chance to share more with you. We are not ready to spill all the details, but I am thrilled about it, and you will get more info soon. 

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