Tied Together swings onto Nintendo Switch

Platformer fans take note. The award-winning Tied Together has just landed on Nintendo Switch. Released October 19th on the Nintendo Eshop, this 2d Side-scrolling platformer offers a new level of challenge for fans of the genre. In addition to the standard jump puzzles, dangerous environments and straight up death traps, you’ll also have the challenge of doing it while tied to up to three other people.

Developer Headup Games has created an innovative approach to the side-scrolling adventure that will absolutely test the bonds of friendship. The game boasts over 40 intense levels for Duo mode (2 player co-op) and an additional 20 levels for Party Mode (3 or 4 players). Players will be challenged to work together to complete levels as quickly as possible earning gold, silver or bronze medals for their trouble. From the trailer above the game promises some insanely fun antics and should be a great addition for fans of 2D side-scrollers. For more information head on over to the Nintendo site.  

As a team, you have to coordinate movement, jumps and cling to ground and walls to complete the levels and stay alive. That’s not as easy as it sounds, but all the funnier! And every time your monstrous cooperative skills are not enough it will end up in great chaos – and great laughter.

Come on, subject, what about your friendship and cooperative skills?

Fun-tied features:

  • Play our award-winning highly funny local co-op 2D party game!
  • Tons of cooperative and non-violent fun for the whole family – from child to granny!
  • Over 40 challenging levels in the Duo Mode (2 players)
  • And more than 20 tricky levels in the Party Mode (3 or 4 players)
  • Finish the levels as fast as possible and earn Gold, Silver or Bronze based on your time!
  • Let the tied-together co-op fun begin!

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