Tip Your New Hat in Red Dead Online This Week

Red Dead Online

It’s a new week in Red Dead Online and, as usual, players have a ton of new things to check out including the new Legendary Shadow Buck Sighting Mission. In addition, players can leverage a number of hefty discounts on a variety of items as well as take part in the Hardcore Takeover Series in order to score a brand new hat for the effort.

The Legendary Shadow Buck Sighting Mission sends Naturalists off to find this creature with uniquely dark antlers. Disturb him at your own peril as he’s not afraid to charge those who frighten him. Harriet will kick off the mission for Naturalists that will have two choices when confronting the buck: Kill him or study him after sedation. Those choosing the latter, players will receive a free Vest and 100 rounds of Sedative Ammo. Those who kill and skin him will receive 100 rounds of Express Repeater Ammo and will unlock the Shadow Coat for purchase or crafting.

Science is oftentimes stranger than fiction. After the recent discovery of a new herb, Harrietum Officinalis, Miss Davenport believes she may have uncovered a way to experience the life of a humble Buck. Naturalists who follow the steps in Harriet’s gratis Buck Vitalism Studies Pamphlet can discover how to have this truly out-of-body experience, and also receive a Reward for a free Treasure Map. Naturalists must be Rank 5 or above to inquire about Harriet’s knowledge of Vitalism Studies.

There are tons of RDO discounts this week including 40% off all Outfits, Offhand Holsters, and Gun Belts. In addition, there is 30% off all Repeaters.

Check out the Red Dead Online official site to learn more.

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