Total Tank Simulator Fires Off Launch Trailer

Total Tank Simulator, a new physics-based line of warfare from Polish developer Noobz, just engaged the gaming public with a new trailer for this unique experience.

Set among the charred metal and scared landscape of World War II, this new heavy-hitting tactics game takes a range of artillery, planes, infantry, and tanks and deploys massive armies onto the front lines. Featuring more than 50 battle maps and hundreds of historical or classified units and weapons, Total Tank simulator is a lot more than a joyride in the latest Sherman variant.

Three game modes are due to challenge players when the title lands on PC in 2020 and commanders will need all their strategic wits to survive Sandbox mode, Shadow Mode, and the main campaign. Each of the potential scenarios that are ready to ambush gamers put these armored assaults into a fully destructible environment The detailed forests of the European front and the icy undergrowth of the Russian Taiga will suffer the same damage as any of the game’s 6 different factions. Total Tank Simulator might not be a World of Tanks but you really can really reshape the face of Europe, just this time with artillery shells and gaping craters.

Taking Aim At Your Wishlist

At this point, we’d normally describe the price and availability of any title but that’s up to you. Publisher 505 is giving the Steam community a role in deciding the final price of this wargame. By adding Total Tank Simulator to their wishlist, players can unlock launch tiers, impacting the final release price.

  • Tier 1: 50,000 wishlists = Secret Weapons or Special Tactics units will be available for each of the original factions.
  • Tier 2: 75,000 wishlists = Secret Weapons or Special Tactics units + Officer Units + 10% release discount for one week.
  • Tier 3: 150,000 wishlists = Secret Weapons or Special Tactics units + Officer Units + 25% release discount for one week.

We’ve got the trailer locked and loaded above, and you’ll need to get your treads on if you want to wishlist the game. Head over to the Total Tank Simulator Steam page or check out the official website for more information.


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