Tower of Time is Coming to Consoles in June

Publisher Digerati announced that cRPG Tower of Time will be making its way to consoles in June. The game will be available on PS4 on June 23/24 (NA/EU), June 25 on Switch and June 26 on Xbox One. Check out the special trailer released to celebrate the announcement.

Developed by Event Horizon, Tower of Time originally came to PC in 2018. The game offers over 50 hours of gameplay, 7 classes to choose from, time pause, gravity manipulation and much more.

Immerse yourself in a world where technology meets magic with devastating consequences. Gather a group of diverse champions and lead them through the tower. Hundreds of lore books and scattered pieces of information slowly reveal the history of Artara as your party of adventurers approach their fate.

For those who do not like or have time for typical long cRPG and prefer fast-paced combat oriented games – RPGlite mode cuts down the story content and lets you focus on party building and tactical combat. With Permadeath option for those who appreciate a really tough challenge and want to test their skills.

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  1. Catherine, stop posting about stuff I need to buy 😂

    • No way! I shouldn’t be the only one going “This looks good!”, “I need to try this out!” and so forth 😛

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