Train Life Received Content Update 3

Train Life Received Content Update 3

Developer Simteract and publisher Nacon have released the third major content update for the railway simulator Train Life that allows gamers to play as both the driver and the company director. The game is currently available in Early Access and is scheduled for the full launch in July.

Train Life Content Update 3 introduces Station Gameplay overhaul. The team has made some significant adjustments, added a new Station Panel in the tablet, contract reservations, a brand spanking new cargo coupling/decoupling mode as well as an overhaul to the Radio Communication system. The update also allows players to experience all the seasons, including rain, snow and storms.

You can also now  customize your cabin with certain bits and bobs, add the company colors to the exterior of your locomotives as well to even more, pimp out your train. There are new locomotive drivers as well.

Check out the Steam page to learn more about the update.

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