Updated Roadmap for The Walking Dead: Betrayal Points to Major Improvements and New Content

Updated Roadmap for The Walking Dead: Betrayal Points to Major Improvements and New Content

Skybound Entertainment and Other Ocean Interactive have revealed an updated roadmap for The Walking Dead: Betrayal. Over the coming weeks and months, players can expect to see major improvements to the game, most based on community feedback. In addition, the team has plans to add the new St. Lawrence Ridge map, Halloween cosmetics, in-game store additions, and more.

Ahead of the roadmap update, the dev team recently released the game’s launch trailer, which offers a peek into the unique art style, locations, and gameplay players can expect.

Roadmap updates

Moving forward, here are some of the changes players can expect over the next four game updates:

  • New Map Tile: St. Lawrence Ridge
  • Traitor updates including over a dozen new Traitor objectives
  • combat changes, UI improvements, bug fixes
  • In-game store updates
  • Free cosmetics
  • Post-match updates
  • Twitch drops
  • New map lighting
  • New Role
  • New World Event
  • Wall of Legends
  • Custom Games
  • New Escape

TWDB Roadmap

Check out the detailed blog post on The Walking Dead: Betrayal Steam page.

About The Walking Dead: Betrayal

The Walking Dead: Betrayal is a third person action game of cooperation and deception for up to 8 players. Out of resources, with a herd of walkers fast approaching, players must work together to complete objectives and make their escape. They’ll need to work fast, as walkers aren’t the only threat.

Incognito ‘traitors’ lurk among them, plotting to do everything in their power to delay repairs and prevent anyone from leaving. With so many creative ways to sabotage the team, the walkers are the most predictable threat. As evidence of their sabotage becomes apparent, paranoia and accusations threaten to tear the survivors apart as they desperately work towards escaping. Can you make it out alive?

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