Valorant – Episode 4: Act III Kickoff Trailer

The developers of free-to-play shooter Royale Valorant have shared the Kickoff trailer for Episode 4: Act III. The last round of DISRUPTION opens with with Fade, new Initiator Agent that joins Valorant’s roster to stalk her prey with equal parts terror and tactics. She’s here to hunt you down.

Fade might call Turkey home, but she’ll quickly find a place in your nightmares. This is no scare tactic, she’ll summon terror itself to expose, track, and hold enemies with no escape. Check out her abilities and trailers here.

Players can also take advantage of the Ep4 Act III Battlepass to collect XP and unlock the Act III exclusives, including the Ragna-Rock Out Gun Buddy, Coalition: Cobra Frenzy, and Look Behind You Spray.

Additionally, the RGX 11z Pro skins return to complete the look.

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