Ghost Recon Frontline is Ubisoft’s New F2P PvP Shooter

Ubisoft has announced that it’s entering the fray when it comes to F2P multiplayer PvP shooters with the revelation of Ghost Recon Frontline. The game will be coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, and Luna in the very near future. In fact, the first closed beta event is right around the corner and will run from October 14 to October 21st. The caveat is, however, that the CBT will be for PC players in Europe only.

In Frontline, players will discover Drakemoor island, an open world full of diverse landmarks and biomes. The game features a large set of tactical support tools, offering players complete freedom in strategic gameplay throughout various game modes.

Expedition, the game’s flagship mode, offers a new take on the battle royale genre. Featuring more than 100 players in teams of three, these squads will have to work together to complete dynamic objectives across the massive open map with no converging circle. Once players are done collecting intel, they will have to head to a drop zone and call for an extraction. When initiated, all teams will know the position of the extraction and will try to intervene, players will have to play tactically to successfully escape and win the match. Additional modes will also be available at launch.

Frontline offers a unique and advanced class system, allowing players to upgrade and customize each contractor to fit their strategy. Three classes of contractors will be available during the first closed test, with more available at launch:

  • Assault Class provides great sustainability in close-range fights and overall proficiency maneuvers.
  • Support Class offers superior protection with fortification abilities.
  • Scout Class can easily recon the area for the squad, revealing and pestering enemies from a distance without fear of retaliation.

Players can even switch between different contractors even in the heat of battle, making each game unique and highly tactical.

Check out the first trailer before heading to the Ghost Recon Frontline official site to learn more.

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