Video Game Best-Sellers: Does This Aspect Really Matter In 2019?

Video Games

Due to live streaming platforms like Twitch, video games are more accessible than ever. Even more, big gaming companies invest heavily in global events and e-sports trying to make their products as popular as possible.

After all, a game that’s popular will become a best-seller in no time!

But are best-seller games really worth the hype in today’s day and age? In 2019, gamers have access to all sorts of platforms that offer free passage to their creations. So, should we still pay heavy money on the 10th installment of the same game (FIFA, we are looking at you right now)?

To draw an informed conclusion, we took a look at some of the best-selling games in the last couple of years and compared them with equally popular games that users can access for free.

Best-Selling Games in 2018 & 2019

Red Dead Redemption 2

The second installment in the series, RDD2 continues the story in the same wild setting where people could solve their problems with a gun and a horse. The gamer is transposed into a beautifully drawn world where they have to decide on the type of adventure they want to embark.

Overall, the entire RDD series is impressive, and it’s easy to understand why the game is at the top. However, the same type of adventure can be found in other games, less popular.

Video Games 2

God of War

A game that’s bound to raise gamers’ adrenaline levels to the top, God of War is a gorgeous mythological adventure that lets you discover new worlds. The battle scenes are epic, and the mechanics are a stroke of genius, but the storyline and the adventure are the ones that make this game so famous.

While we understand that behind all this beauty stands a team of highly trained developers, we also think that the hype is a bit too much for the game.

Marvel’s Spiderman

Yes, the game is gorgeous, and we must congratulate the team that made it happen. However, given the fact that Marvel is one of the most successful names right now, it’s more than clear that gamers pay for the brand and not just for the game.

Best Video Games According to Gamers

In this section, we’ll mention several wildly successful video games that are free to play but still bring revenue to developers.

Apex Legends

Yes, we couldn’t ignore this piece of gaming software that took the world by storm!

Apex Legends is designed and released by EA Games and can be compared with Fortnite (another free-to-play great game) when it comes to the overall action.

According to the developer, Apex Legends is one of the fastest growing games in recent history, with over 50 million players and more expected to join. Moreover, the game already generated about $150 million in revenue, which is quite amazing.

Video Games 3

Browser Games

Most people know that there is an entire industry of online games that can be played in browser, for free. However, what most gamers don’t know is that these games are quite interesting, and they provide a fantastic alternative to expensive games with high demands.

For instance, a game like Basketball Stars is a fun and lightweight alternative to games that use celebrity athletes to get more sales.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more on the side of skill development, Stickman Rope (see is an interesting choice. Basically, users have this huge database of games available at any time in the day.

However, because they are not supported by big brands, people have to go searching for them. In plain terms, because they are free, browser games don’t get the same marketing effort. They are amazing and great to play, but gamers must make the extra effort to get them.

Video Games 4

What We Learned

The world of video games is undergoing a shift in perception, and this is a wonderful thing for players everywhere. We’re looking forward to times when anyone can have access to high-end games, so we’ll be the ones to decide which games are best and not the marketing teams.

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