Wasteland 3 Devs Talk Co-Op Multiplayer in New Video

With the release of Wasteland 3 just around the corner, developers are giving players new information about the cooperative multiplayer aspect of the game. In a new post on Xbox Wire, developers have provided a brief overview of what players can expect. In addition, the team showcased co-op gameplay via a new trailer.

Cooperative multiplayer includes:

  • strategic decision-making between players about navigating gangs, factions, and cults of Colorado
  • the ability to share and swap loot
  • special quests that can be completed in co-op mode only
  • “unique opportunities to mess with friends spreading rumors about them in the home base”

Choosing co-op multiplayer is as simple as picking the option in the main menu and then inviting a friend along for great RPG action. Players can choose whether or not to start a new game or to continue an existing game. When the game session ends, both players can choose to save the co-op session they have played which can then be continued individually or picked up again in a future session.

The game will be available on August 28th for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Mac.

Check out the trailer and the full post on Xbox Wire before heading to the Wasteland 3 official site to learn more.

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