Way Of The Witcher Launches Gwent Expansion

Today, CD Projekt Red has unleashed a new chapter of content for fans of their competitive card game, Gwent. The Way Of the Witcher expansion is here.

Players eager to get their card decks out across PC via GOG.COM and Steam, as well as on Android and iOS will be able to grab this entirely free expansions for Gwent right now. The newest addition to the world of Gwent delves heavily into the lore of the wider Witcher lore. The sixth expansion for Gwent focuses on the origins of witchers and their creator, one of the most powerful sorcerers on the Continent — Alzur.

New Friends & Enemies

A total of 70 extra cards will join the already full roster of available plays in this latest expansion. 60 of the new additions are faction specific cards, while 10 of the new entries are considered neutral cards. The army of new weapons introduces a variety of extra abilities on the battlefield of Gwent. Adrenaline, for example, triggers whenever the player has a specific number of cards or less in their hand and allows players on the backfoot to gain a potentially match changing advantage with the cards they have left.

Before you head off into the long lost lore of the Witchers, there are plenty of extra events and discounts to help you cut a swathe through your enemies. In celebration of the new expansion, a range of Way of the Witcher Premium Kegs and unique ornaments have been made available. This includes the Laboratory Border, as well as the avatar bearing the likeness of Cosimo — Alzur’s teacher and the sorcerer who helped create the first witchers.

While most of the internet’s attention seems to be centred on Cyberpunk 2077 right now, CD Projekt Red’s other titles look like they are still getting some love. You can grab the Way of the Wither Gwent Expansion for free now. Find out more on the official Gwent website.

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