Where’s Samantha Sews Up A Steam Release

ROKiT Games has just finished trimming the edges in time to release Where’s Samantha, an adorable puzzle platformed that isn’t anything like we expected.

Developed by Bulgarian studio Respect Studios, Where’s Samantha is a 2D puzzle platformer with a difference. Sure this indie adventure is charming is all the right ways but the main character is a piece of cloth. After George and Samantha are torn apart for the first time, our own pink square of loneliness sets out to save its soulmate in this unique tale of love across the felt lines.

Super Cloth Boy

Players picking up Where’s Samantha will spend 45 levels overcoming woolly walls and darned dangers. With plenty of hand drawn material across the entirety of this title, it’s likely you’ll be utterly charmed by the experience. As you weave your way through a range of challenges, our hero George will be able to create little pink clones in order to unravel the toughest puzzles and rescue Samantha.

Narrated by the unmistakable Rufus Hound, Where’s Samantha seems like a stroke of genius or Super Meat Boy style silliness, or both. The tailor behind this new title crafted has stitched together a seemingly ridiculous premise with a charming narrative. Take a look at the trailer above and tell me you don’t want to try it. At a discounted price of $8.96, until 1 April, Where’s Samantha is out now on PC. Find out more over at the official Steam Store page.

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