Wolfenstein II DLC Released, Focuses on Stealth Gameplay


The second DLC for Wolfenstein II has been released with a heavy focus on stealthy gameplay. This is the second of three planned DLC packaged together into The Freedom Chronicles.

Today’s episode is called The Diaries of Agent Silent Death. The content is focused on former OSS agent and assassin Jessica Valiant a.k.a. Agent Silent Death. Valiant is charged with infiltrating Paragon Pictures, a movie studio that produces Nazi propaganda films.

Wolfenstein II: The Diaries of Agent Silent Death

Here’s what the Steam page has to say about the DLC:

Your mission to liberate America from the Nazis has only just begun. Continue the fight in The Diaries of Agent Silent Death, the second in a series of three DLC packs available as part of The Freedom Chronicles.

Play as former OSS agent and assassin, Jessica Valiant, AKA Agent Silent Death! Hot on the trail of a sinister plot, Valiant finds herself in the offices of Paragon Pictures, Tinseltown film studio turned Nazi propaganda machine. Stalk, shoot and stab from the shadows in pursuit of your prey in the Diaries of Agent Silent Death!

Only you can overcome the Nazi threat in…The Freedom Chronicles!

The single episode purchase price is $10, or you can purchase the full three DLC package for $25.

In addition to the DLC, there is also a small update for everyone that includes difficulty balancing and UI improvements.

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