Pressure Overdrive Crashes onto Switch in April

Pressure Overdrive Crashes onto Nintendo Switch in April

Start your engines, its time to race dirty as Pressure Overdrive takes a mild detour to destination Switch. Pressure Overdrive has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch and will arrive on 4 April 2019.

Initially launched back in July 2017 on PC, Pressure Overdrive is a twin-stick shooter that crosses the heart-pounding action of twin-stick games like Resogun and Telsa vs Lovecraft with some wacky racing. You might not find Dick Dastardly in any of Pressure Overdrive’s cars, but this is a uniquely oddball proposition. Created by German indie developer Chasing Carrots and partners PainDevs, the game is certainly no Micro Machines. Starring the marvelously kitsch Count Soap and his minions, this racer come twin stick hell challenges players to rev through a variety of challenges without getting rammed off the road by some outlandish enemies. Pressure Overdrive is a colorful world full of boss fights, zany mobs, a whole host of themed levels, dynamic physics, and a monstrous amount of weaponry. Did I mention there are a lot of weapons?

Pressure Overdrive looks to be a solid title for Nintendo’s mobile platform with a variety of game modes for this revamped version of the shooter. We know these will include endless mode, high score runs, and couch co-op. Online ranking will even allow players to show off their best scores, with or without some couch co-op help. The game will launch on the Nintendo eShop for 12,99$, 10.99£ and 12.99€ and if you want an early glimpse of the Switch version, there is a trailer below. You can also check out the official website.

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