Tesla vs Lovecraft hits PlayStation Today


It is probably the most unusual arena shooter we have seen in years, and now Tesla vs Lovecraft is about to electrify your consoles. Launching today on PlayStation 4, this inventive twin stick terror pits the titular inventor against the hordes of madness.

Developed by 10tons, the team behind Crimsonland, the game originally hit steam on Jan 2018 to positive reviews. The relatively simple prospect of blowing away monsters takes everything 10tons learned from Crimsonland and crafts a title that is just bonkers. Nikola Tesla wields a giant mechanized monstrosity, armed with a variety of weapon pickups, including Tesla cannons, x-ray blades, and death ray guns.

We loved stomping through the streets, raising hell with an all-star action hero, Nikola Telsa, when he arrived on PC. Now, the game is available on the PlayStation Store for $14.99/£11.99, and PS Plus subscribers even get a launch discount.

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