Would a London Based Grand Theft Auto Release be a Gamble?

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It has now been almost a decade since the release of Grand Theft Auto V – doesn’t time fly. The team here at GameSpace lie in wait for news from Rockstar regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), but if anyone from Rockstar is reading this, here are several reasons why we think you should think seriously about basing the setting of GTA 6 on a city in the UK.

Why London is the Perfect Setting

London is one of the most spectacular and culturally diverse cities in the world with a wealth of different neighbourhoods which would suit a GTA release perfectly. Of course, the Rockstar team would still bring their own stylistic element to the surroundings, but one element that Rockstar could look into if they base their next game on London is that of the Houses of Parliament and creating a storyline surrounding corrupt politicians with that of London’s shady criminal scene. In previous games, Rockstar has focussed primarily on the criminal underclass, but perhaps this time they could mix both the stereotypical criminal class with the political class. From an American perspective, many Americans regard the British as quite well-to-do and unrelenting in their politeness. So, it would be fantastic to see a juxtaposition of the rather less well-to-do British criminal underclass mixing with the upper class which may perhaps have any number of skeletons in their closets.

Alternatively, gang culture in London has become quite notorious, so it would be easy enough for Rockstar to use a London based gang as its main narrative.




London is the Epitome of 21st Century Living

London is perhaps the most stereotypically 21st-century city. Londoners make up one of the most culturally diverse people due to the vast amount of emigration to the country over the past several decades. This will provide an ideal range of different potential scenarios for Rockstar to work with. Russian influence in London is widely known, as is the authority of big business in the centre of London – these two alone can provide an ideal storyline for any potential GTA game.

Easter Eggs

Due to the great historical history and significance of the city, there is a limitless opportunity for easter eggs should the game be based in London. For example, perhaps there is a modern-day Jack the Ripper on the loose, or maybe a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament resemblant to Guy Fawkes. GTA easter eggs give a depth to it that makes the series the one we all know and love. Perhaps a modern-day easter egg would be if the Rockstar team included an event that was reminiscent of the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning by (allegedly) Russian intelligence services. Or maybe we could see something surrounding the conspiracy of Rudolph Hess who was rumoured to be a body double at the Nuremberg trial after the real Hess flew to the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, we are sure Rockstar will have some great ideas for London based easter eggs.

Gambling on a UK Theme?

So far, it is thought that the only reason the UK based Rockstar have not created a modern-day GTA game based in a UK city is due to the appeal from US gamers. Other than the early games, every game has been set in a fictional US city and the games have had a 100% American feel to them. To set a game in the UK would be a rather large U-turn from Rockstar, so we can understand why they may be reluctant. In addition, GTA V sold over 120 million copies making it amongst the top-selling video games of all time, at this point, Rockstar does not really need to change tact.

It will also be interesting if Rockstar will do anything different with their online game. GTA V continues to be a huge success due to its online gameplay. Although, there was one major bug whereby players could win unlimited money on the stock market risk-free. Perhaps in a London GTA VI players will be able to play at a virtual slot website or casino!




GTA VI Fan Poll

A few years ago, Rockstar released a concept video of GTA 6 which was set in London, and fans went crazy (in a good way). In a poll, London was the most popular city where fans of the game series thought the 6th instalment should be set. As a UK writer, the only thing I am afraid of should the next GTA game be set in London is that the world’s perspective of the UK will quickly switch from being posh! Especially if the concept video is anything to go by!


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