PAX South Preview – Omensight


Spearhead Games is a growing RPG studio which has released several titles. We first met them when covering Stories: The Path of Destinies. This year at PAX South they were on hand again showing off their newest title Omensight. The game is an in depth RPG with heavy puzzle elements. It looks absolutely beautiful and the mechanics are fun to play. Another gem is coming from Spearhead so we wanted to give you the details in our preview.

Omensight has a strong narrative. It is about a Harbinger, the character you play, who is trying to unravel a mystery. One of your unique talents is manipulating how you see events in the game. This proves to be valuable in solving a murder which could not be explained. Going back and reworking the timelines could save everyone, or it could lead to disaster. At its core Omensight allows the player to unlock narrative paths which lead to multiple outcomes. A design which was very popular in Stories: The Path of Destinies. Following an action RPG play style the game keeps a player on their toes while revealing layers of a story through different characters. The combination of these two pieces made for a demo that we wish could have lasted much longer.


Wielding a sword and the power of time, combat is intense. You can slow enemies and build upon attacks. The game also hosts a lot of boss fights. Set against an ever changing environment its stylish look combined with action combat and puzzle mechanics works well to keep play flowing.

Another feature in the game is traveling with companions. This is something the team learned with Stories and it adds more layers of narrative to be told. As you play through the game it is interesting to see which characters can become enemies or who you will ally with.

Overall, Omensight was a surprise at PAX South. We continue to find amazing games at these shows which RPG players are looking for. As fans of the genre who love story and a deep narrative this game really delivers. Unfortunately, we could not learn too much during the demo as the team did not want to give anything away. We expect to hear more as the game ramps up to launch for 2018. Spearhead continues to push solid narrative titles for fans and this one really stood out at PAX South.

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