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Battlerite Anniversary

[Press Release] Celebrate Battlerite’s Anniversary

Join Stunlock as they celebrate Battlerite’s Anniversary as the arena battler surpasses a milestone with their 1 year anniversary since their official launch on Steam.  With both Battlerite and ...

battlerite screenshot

Prepare Yourself, Battlerite Royale is Struttin’ it’s Stuff!

In a post Fortnite world everyone is clamouring to jump on the popularity train of the Battle Royale genre. If you’re wondering why I didn’t say PUBG it’s because if you’re hon...

Battlerite Seasons

Battlerite Releases a New Paladin Champion

If you have been playing Battlerite lately you most likely already know that they recently released a Shadowblade Assassin named Jamila during their first PvP Season. Now Stunlock Studios has released...

Battlerite Season 1

Battlerite – Season 1 NOW LIVE!

Battlerite fans, your time has come!  March 7th marked the day that Battlerite began their first season of the exciting PvP arena brawler by Stunlock Studios.  In addition to Battlerite Season 1 hitti...

Battlerite Seasons

Battlerite: Seasons & New Hero Incoming!

Stunlock, developer of the PVP arena game, Battlerite announced yesterday that the arena brawler would be introducing its new competitive Seasons system starting March 7th. The Seasons update promises...


Battlerite – Alysia The Ice Weaver Champion Preview

Stunlock Studios published a preview video dedicated to a new Champion to join the roster of the brawler Battlerite. Meet Alysia the Ice Weaver who can’t wait to help you chill.  Her abilities c...

Battlerite Prehistoric Mania

Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Mania In Battlerite

Stunlock has shared info about the latest event to hit Battlerite: Prehistoric Mania. Oldur has been messing with time, and as a result, chests containing ancient artifacts and mighty dinosaur mounts ...


Battlerite – Destiny “The Sky Ranger” Joins The Roster

A new champion is joining the roster of Battlerite today, on November 22nd as a part of Patch 1.1.0. Meet Destiny, “The Sky Ranger”! From the character’s description: An elite sky ra...

Battlerite review

Battlerite Review

Battlerite is the second released MOBA from Stunlock Studios, creators of Bloodline Champions.  While heavily inspired by Bloodline Champions, Battlerite is a new entry that emphasizes the team-fighti...

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