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Overwatch Havana

Overwatch – New Escort Map Havana is Now on PTR

The developers from Activision Blizzard have revealed a new teaser video to give their players a taste of a new escort map coming to the game soon. Get ready to explore the heart of Cuba, Havana. Disc...

Overwatch Cuba

Overwatch – New Event Storm Rising

Update: Overwatch team has revealed a new in-game event via the latest tweet. Called Storm Rising, the event will see Mercy, Genji and Winston under the command of Tracer going after Maximilien, an om...

Overwatch Cosplay Battle - Behind the Scenes

Overwatch Cosplay Battle – Behind the Scenes

Blizzard’s Overwatch team has published a new video celebrating the participants of the Cosplay Battle and showing fans a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes. More than a competition,...

Overwatch Toxicity Is Down 40% According to Blizzard

Overwatch Toxicity Is Down 40% According to Blizzard

During the GDC last week, Blizzard was on hand to discuss the endorsement system added to Overwatch last summer.  Endorsements allow you to recognize the positive behavior for sportsmanship, being a g...

New Overwatch Hero - Baptiste Origin Story

New Overwatch Hero – Baptiste Origin Story

Blizzard has unveiled the latest character to join the roster of Overwatch – previously teased Haitian combat medic Jean-Baptiste Augustin is the mysterious hero 30. Check out his origin story i...

Overwatch - The Developers Are Teasing Hero 30

Overwatch – The Developers Are Teasing Hero 30

The Overwatch developers are at it again! The teasing for Hero 30 begins, The PlayOverwatch Twitter has published a brief video and a log from Cuerva Strike Team. Before it went missing, the team̵...

Overwatch – Paris Map is Now Available on PC, PS4 & Xbox One

The PlayOverwatch Twitter account is wishing players bon voyage on the latest Overwatch assault map set in Paris. After being tested on PTR, the map is finally live on PC, PS4 & Xbox One. Bon voya...

[PRESS RELEASE] NZXT Announces the H500 Overwatch Special Edition Mid-Tower Case

NZXT and Blizzard Entertainment have joined forces to deliver a PC chassis some flavor from their favorite games. The new, special edition H500 Overwatch® made for gamers who are passionate about buil...

Overwatch - Paris Map Piano Meets MIDI Keyboard

Overwatch Piano Meets MIDI Keyboard

The most recent Overwatch map features a playable piano. Fans all over the world have taken their guns to the instrument: some were looking for a secret, like Wrecking Ball singing Overwatch theme, wh...

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