Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD is coming to Xbox, PS4, and Switch as soon as today

Remember the cute and simplified FFXV for mobile? Well, it seems that Square is bringing it to all consoles today for all hardcore fans and newcomers alike. It's worth noting that this is probably the...

Square Enix - Final Fantasy XV - chapter 13 update - FFXV PC review

Final Fantasy XV Review

When MMORPG’s Rob Lashley reviewed Final Fantasy XV for the PS4 what now seems ages ago, I couldn’t help but agree with him. FFXV may be the most different of the main franchise,  but in i...

9.5 Amazing

Final Fantasy XV And The Unrelenting Power Of The PC

Final Fantasy XV released this past Tuesday on PC after a long, long road to get here. And I was excited. Ever since Luminous Studios, the engine powering Final Fantasy XV, was first demoed with the b...


Steam Weekly High Five: Revere, rev or revolt, the choice is yours!

Each week we are panning for gold bringing you games that launch on Steam in that time frame that catch our eye, let us know what catches yours and enjoy your gaming week! Take a look at five games wo...

ffxv episode gladiolus dlc

Going Eye of the Tiger with FFXV’s Gladio at PAX East 2017

At PAX East we got the chance to sit down with Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XV team. Square has been doing a fantastic job working with fans and furthering out the franchise and their DLC schedul...

Square Enix - Final Fantasy XV - chapter 13 update - FFXV PC review

Square Enix / Nvidia Presentation Hints at FFXV for PC

During this week’s big Nvidia presentation, a “sizzle” trailer was shown by Square Enix that featured Final Fantasy XV. Developers showed the “tech video” to provide cont...

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