The Medium and Observer: System Redux Share A Connection

Team Bloober has released a new insight into upcoming horror adventure The Medium, and some information that suggests a possible connection between The Medium and Observer: System Redux.

Dropped on the Medium’s official social media platforms, the latest video from the Polish developers behind this gorgeous looking new horror mystery is not a pre release trailer but a look at nine uncanny facts about The Medium. Surely something that lore nuts are likely to love, this glance behind the curtain is packed full of interesting tidbits that you might not realise.

Over the course of this new 4 and a half minute preview, Michal Napora from Tema Bloober’s community team runs through a range of fact, including one that ties a thread between The Medium and Team Bloober’s previous work on Observer: SyStem Redux. Halfway through the video, Michal hits upon the fact that the lead protagonist’s home is modelled on aa real apartment block in Krakow, Poland. The very same building can be found aged a few more years if you search hard enough in Observer: System Redux. Whether this means that the two games are part of a wider universe or just far flung distinct narratives, we don’t know yet. You’ll have to have a look at the video above to decide for yourself.

In addition to this detail, the remainder of the video dips into detail about how the developers helped act out the more unfortunate fates of the in game characters, designed some of the dilapidated architecture using existing buildings, and reminds us that some utterly awesome vocal and orchestral work is involved with this particular piece of reality warping art.

Anybody eager to jump into the role of Marianne, a medium gifted with psychic abilities, who is pulled into a dual reality full of strange twisted torments can head over to where they can preorder on Pc and Xbox Platforms. Anybody picking this up ahead of its 28 Jan release date will nab a a 10% off discount before launch. Players who pre order via Steam will receive The Medium Original Soundtrack (by Akira Yamaoka and Arkadiusz Reikowski) and The Art of The Medium (digital artbook).

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