Neoverse Is Dealing A Multiverse Of Adventure Today on Nintendo Switch

Neoverse, the time warping deck builder, is out now on Pc and console.

Get ready to play your hand right and conquer a multiverse of adventure. Neoverse, just launched today on the Nintendo Switch to follow on from its PC launch back in DATE. Set in some obscure corner of time and space where things aren’t quite as they appear, Neoverse is a deck building title that blends 3D graphics, roguelite mechanics, deck-building, and strategy as a cast of heroes jump into the void to save the living realms.

With waves of monsters set on decimating a swathe of the world, players picking up Neoverse will have the opportunity to pick from three different heroes, each with their own playstyle and card decks. You’ll run the dungeon, while crafting your character, adding items, and honing your deck of cards in order to find the best tactic for any given situation. With over 70 different enemies, 300 cards, and 100 skills there should be plenty of potential action for deck building devotees. If you’re wondering how that particular combination holds up then you can check out our review of the PC release before drawing your cards.

The Switch port of Neoverse is available now on the Nintendo eShop and will set you back £17.49/$24.00/€19,49. For more detail on this fancy looking new title, head over to the Nintendo eShop now.

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