Synthetik 2 Ready To Blow Up Steam Early Access

Synthetik 2 the top-down tactical Shooter turned Rogue-lite is set to bring sci-fi robots and huge explosions to Steam Early Access on 11 November.

Grab a plasma rifle, log in and prepare to defeat the machine legion as Flow Fire Games announce a new top-down sci-fi tactical rogue-lite coming to Steam Early Access. With a bundle of genres all bundled into one, Synthetik 2 might look like a twin-stick top-down shooter, but it’s got plenty of ways to play. Harking back to an alternate 1985 where the machines might have managed that uprising and humanity is fighting on the backfoot, Synthetik 2 kicks off Early Access with one last hope for humanity, a forgotten android prototype tucked away in a secret lab.

This unforgiving throwback to a time when terminators ruled the silver screen thrusts players into a tactical shooter that is as cold and unforgiving as the metallic hearts of the machines that wander the wastelands of this alternate past. Since the team behind this metallic mayhem initiated alpha testing, the game has undergone a huge slew of changes, challenging players to Fight the Machine Legion with all new Classes and Specializations, picking through a variety of factions to find the best technologies and weapons on offer, as well as calling for support in up to 4 player co-op action.

With plenty of action on offer, thanks to the new Synthetik Technology Ruleset V2, and extensive modding capabilities, Synthetik is a new twist on a classic genre trope. Think, Spacepunks without the quirky Borderlands sense of humour and a little more tactical gameplay. Grab your guns, build a unique soldier, and save humanity when Synthetik 2 hits Steam Early Access on 11 November. Players looking to get more details on their mission can check out the trailer above and head over to the official Steam Store page for more information.

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