What Is Space Crew Trailer Plots A Course To Launches

Curve Digital has just beamed in a brand new trailer for upcoming title Space Crew before it engages for real next month.

Titled ‘What is Space Crew’ the cheeky new tailer for Curve Digital’s new adventure is all set to introduce this new realm of exploration. Set in a far-flung future where menacing aliens called the Phasmids and hyperspace gates are just another part of normal life, players will be able to venture out into the big dark void and chase down a range of missions, from transport and salvage to eliminating some nefarious purple ner do wells.

Strange New Horizons

Taking something of a lead from Curves much loved Bomber Crew, Space Crew takes the 2017 title’s mix of comic book humour and management sim to a whole new world, or galaxy, as Space Crew doffs a hat to strategy sims such as FTL. While out in the void of space, you’ll have to pick your mission, manage crew assignments, micro-manage power systems, plot ship courses, engage in repairs, and even repel space invaders. While this all might sound pretty straight forward, you can check out the brand new trailer at the top of this article to get a better feel for this outer space experience.

If you have a taste for space then Curve has also revealed a special discount across all console formats. Space Crew will release on 15th October for £17.99 / €19.99 / $19.99. Starting today, everyone who pre-orders Space Crew on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will benefit from a 20% discount. Nintendo Switch promotion also starts 1st October, with additional discount offered for owners of Bomber Crew. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will get a free copy of Bomber Crew with their pre-orders. I’m off to polish my laser cannons and rule out any red shirts for my hapless crew. Check out what is Space Crew over at the official website now.

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