Journey To The Savage Planet Surveys Nintendo Switch

Kindred Aerospace, the 4th best interstellar space exploration company, invites you on an adventure as Journey To The Savage Planet lands on Nintendo Switch.

Journey to The Savage Planet is possibly one of the most unique indie exploration titles we’ve ever seen here at Gamespac and it has its sights set on a new landing zone as hit the Nintendo Switch eShop. Initially stepping out into European territories, this journey will arrive in European stores on 25 June. American players will also get their hands on the physical release days later. Finally, the adventure is due to arrive on Switch in KR, HK, and JP at a later date.

Unexpected Landing

The announcement that developer Typhoon Studios and 505 Games zany sniff, lick, and explode quest to a brand new planet is something of a surprise to us here and we caught it over on Social media. There’s a brand new Switch trailer which you can check out above. Even better, check out our positive review here on Gamespace. Journey To The Savage Planet first launched onto PC, Xbox, and Playstation 4 back in January 2020. It follows the unfortunate escapades of an unnamed astronaut come volunteer who is blasted off into the unknown in an effort to find an uninhabited new world for humanity.

Featuring the best worst employer in gaming, some unsettling sketchy training videos, an uncomfortably large amount of health and safety violations, a quirky computer companion, and bright wildlife that you get to explode, Journey To The Savage Planet is an experience that is just fantastic fun. There’s no news on the recent Hot Garbage DLC update that arrived across other platforms but I’m pretty sure we can expect the DLC to be dumped on gamers sometime soon. Until then grab your own bottle of GROB and head over to the Nintendo eShop to nab Journey To The Savage Planet on Nintendo Switch and get set for a weekend adventure that is likely to cheerfully feed you to the carnivorous plants. Fun times.


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