New Website & Big Updates Incoming for Friday the 13th


Developers of the Friday 13th Game, Illfonic, have released a new website with a ton of new features on the way for Friday October 13th.

New website and updates galore

On the new website you’ll find the beginning of details that include a new playable Jason. There are no other details at this point but the video above from Friday 13th Twitter gives indication to unique kills with current versions of Jason also receiving the same. Have fun seeing if you can figure out any of these moves in the video!


New maps are in development with one possibly releasing soon. It will be released for free, and two new counsellors are on the way as well as a Spring Break pack and last but not least new emotes!

Friday 13th has had a rocky start but with close to 2 million units sold here’s hoping these updates, recent patch fixes applied for free and stability issues addressed especially on XboxOne are an indication of Illfonic moving forward with assurance for all its customers.

Friday 13th is available on PC, XboxOne and Playstation 4 the Microsoft Store and Steam.

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