8BitDo N30 Brings Back A Classic Look To Your Desktop

8bitdo n30

Peripheral manufacturer 8BitDo is easily identifiable for their line up of retro-styled controllers. Now the new 8BitDo N30 is going to bring some Super NES to your daily desktop.

A collaboration with Sweedish industrial designer Daniel Jansson, the 8BitDo N30 is a retro gaming twist on an item that can adorn any PC desktop. Compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, the mouse is decorated in the same visual features that made the original Nintendo Entertainment System a design classic. Weighing in at a reasonable 71g and costing around $24.99 this mouse sports a 2.4Ghz wireless connection that won’t cut out until you get more than 10 meters from the receiver.

More importantly, this isn’t an RGB gaming mouse. Instead, you’ll find chunky red buttons where you might expect to find a left and right mouse button triggers. The big red A and B buttons are positioned atop a touch-sensitive panel, allowing the owner to scroll back and forth without the need for an o scroll wheel. All these are joined by a side mounted D-Pad, to help with navigating around the desktop. Of course, the 8BitDo N30 isn’t just about replicating the control scheme of the NES controller. This ode to Japanese design matches the original color scheme making it stand out among the RGB and aluminum finish of modern computer systems.

We haven’t had an opportunity to get our hands on this mouse quite yet but it’s fair to say that you shouldn’t expect a plethora of other features. RGB, customized weights, and macro keys are all absent from a peripheral that is clearly a statement piece. We do know that this isn’t 8BitDo’s first party and the manufacturer of the 8BitDo Zero already has a reputation for producing excellent retro equipment. This is sure to be on many desks in the coming months. Check out the 8BitDo N30 over at the official website and grab it while stocks last.

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