A Resident Evil 3 Remake demo is incoming

Capcom is now in the business of teasing fans of Resident Evil 3 Remake. The company sent out a Twitter post late yesterday to let fans know that a demo of RE3R is incoming, though they are being cagey about when players can expect it. Excited respondees gushed that it can’t be too far away as the game is set for release in April 3rd. The only thing Capcom was willing to admit was that more details would be coming in the “near future”, whatever that means.

RE3R is considered a complete remake and reimagining of the RE3: Nemesis that was originally released in 1999. Players will follow Jill Valentine as she tries to escape Raccoon City while fighting her way through hordes of zombies. Developers have indicated that the Remake version will stick as closely as possible to its original source but that things may play out slightly differently in the reimagined version. RE3R will include RE: Resistance, a new 1v4 online multiplayer game set in the same universe.

Check out the Resident Evil 3 Remake official site to learn more.

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