A Sage Awakens in Black Desert Online

Fans of Pearl Abyss’ hit MMORPG are about to get some new options on the battlefield today as the Sage Awakens in Black Desert Online.

Evolving the traditional caster-type class into a powerful force in the open world, the latest Awakening to hit Black Desert Online brings players the Sage. This new warrior mixes the power grace of a magic wielder with the speed and agility of a more melee focused class, demonstrating a combat style as powerful and unpredictable as the lightening they wield. For anybody picking up the Sage, you will immediately notice this new ioption comes with a significant increase in speed and power. The Sage also swaps out the cube Kyve for a more conventional weapon. While wielding a lightning spear, this combatant can zip through the sky and unleash the following new skills on opponents:

  • Lightning Prison opens a massive rift in space and calls down a torrent of lightning spears to drown enemies in an electric downpour.
  • Impaling Flash imbues Sage’s spear with lightning and, when thrown, marks enemies who are hit. Sage takes the form of an electric current to rush them in a dizzying barrage. The skill becomes stronger when more enemies are marked.
  • Divine Executioner has Sage throw his spear into the air and leap up to hurl it at enemies below. The spear releases a shock around its point of impact, and players can change Sage’s target and position relative to his enemies with different input commands.
  • Spear Bolt shoots Sage’s spear at foes with all of his might and passes through enemies with an electric charge.

If you want a more in depth run down of the Sage and their Awakening skills, the Black Desert Online team paraded the Sage to players in a deep preview back on 15 April. Now, you can find out more about this mysterious new character, forged in battle and unstuck in time and space. Beyond looking flashy, the Sage looks like a great mix of styles. Check out the full patch notes for the Sage Awakening and have a glimpse at the preview trailer above and glance over the patch notes before grabbing Black Desert Online for free over on Amazon’s Prime Gaming.

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