A Spooky Fall Event Descents Into Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons

The Minecraft Dungeons team has announced the start of a free in-game event to celebrate Halloween. During the aptly names “Spooky Fall Event”, players will be able to dive into limited-time Seasonal Trials from now through November 3rd. Trials bring “supernaturally tricky challenges” and offer players “otherworldly rewards” for their participation.

Seasonal Trials take place in Night Mode, a new challenge that will see players facing off in the game’s harshest conditions yet. Those who manage to defeat these challenges will earn exclusively-themed gear and weapons for the effort.

Join in on the time-limited Seasonal Trials now, if you dare. Those who complete the scarily difficult challenges will reap the rewards – such as a set of themed items! Make sure you join in the frightful festivities before the time is up, or else you’ll miss your chance to scoop up these spooky treats. These Seasonal Trials not only summon up the spookiest mobs but they also totally leave us in the dark! Literally. With Night Mode, a new challenge you’ll face in the Seasonal Trials, you’ll have to brave the harshest conditions yet. I would tell you more, but I’m already terrified to the verge of tears.

In addition to the Spooky Fall Event, players can take part in the Apocalypse Plus feature that includes 20 new difficulties after Apocalypse VII and adds “significant challenge while also increasing the power ceiling in the game”. This is also a free update to the game.

Check out the Minecraft Dungeons official site to read up on the details.

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