A Tofu Tail Brings A New Flavour To PC Puzzles In December

A Tofu Tail is just about to serve up a fusion of tofu, foxes, and Japanese folklore in a brand new puzzle game coming to PC on 12 December.

Indie development company Alchemedium, announced yesterday that they are about to bring their vibrant new puzzle game to Windows, macOS, and Linux this December. The meat-free brian grinder is going live on 12 December and looks set to bring lots of flavor swapping action and a bizarre fairytale to gamers. Set in the midst of a very unfortunate event, the game follows the fate of Mr. Tofu who is transformed into a tofu cube by a mischevious fox spirit. The actions fo this Kitsune mean that players must guide Mr. Tofu through a simple game world that is teeming with flavor.

As Mr. Tofu searches through the realm of the fox spirits he can only move between tiles that are the same color as the title character. Thankfully, Mr. Tofu can change color by absorbing the properties of objects around him, just like tofu. This simple-sounding mechanic is built on across more than 100 levels to create an addictive experience that has been a labor of love for the team behind it.

Ryan Brolley, the co-founder and lead engineer of Alchemedium, said: “We thought about releasing A Tofu Tail a few times already. We had a successful Greenlight campaign, and briefly ran a Kickstarter at the end of 2015 to get funding together in hopes to finish the game more quickly. But it became clear to me that the game needed much more work before it was ready for release, so we canceled the Kickstarter and went to work for a few more years.”

The result is a whimsical tale based on Japanese folklore and a love of food. Anybody who has a hunger for something a bit different can check out the demo before jumping in and grabbing the game on both Steam and Itch.io. You can get a glimpse of the madness on the trailer above and check out some other food-based fights you can play here on Gamespace.


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