ArenaNet Are Making A Console Game

ArenaNet Console Guild Wars 2

An ArenaNet console game is coming. The development studio behind MMO Guild Wars 2, is in the midst of bringing together a brand new fantasy console game.

While the studio hasn’t dropped any official information, it’s been understood for some time that ArenaNet was working on a number of other potential projects. Now we know that the Bellevue studio is deep into the development of a new title, thanks to a job posting that popped up on the official careers site. The opening for Art Director includes confirmation with the following detail:


ArenaNet is seeking an Art Director to drive art development for an unannounced 3rd person fantasy action console title.


While we don’t have any information on the final form of the title that is in development, this job opening is a more explicit piece of information than the opening for a Lead Unreal Engineer. Guild Wars 2 does not run on the Unreal Engine as far as we are aware and this additional posting, along with other cross-platform requirements that have cropped up, all build to a picture that points at a brand new game. Fans of the Tyrian franchise shouldn’t get too excited, however. ArenaNet was also rumored to be working on several potential projects prior to NCSoft stepping in and downsizing the studio’s staff numbers. The result of a less than stellar set of numbers, the realignment at the hands of the studio’s Korean overlords seems to have resulted in a new direction for the Studio. If this project makes it out in one piece then it will be the first console title to come out of Anet that I can remember.

As soon as we hear any more about the proposed new title we will let you know. For now, I’d keep your gems squirreled away as Tyria’s still got plenty of dragons left to slay. You can check out the job posting over on the ArenaNet careers site.


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