Ash of Gods: The Way Shared World Expansion Trailer

Developer AurumDust shared a new trailer for the upcoming turn-based story-driven tactical card game Ash of Gods: The Way, the second game in the Ash of Gods universe.

According to the Steam page, you play as Finn, a young man whose only hope of preventing a neighboring nation from attacking his home is to master the card game they use to teach aristocrats the art of warfare: the Way. Infiltrate the tournaments they hold, and you can get close to their elite commanders. What you do once you get there will be up to you.

To shave a chance to fulfill his mission, you will need to build winning decks of warriors, equipment, and spells from four different factions and battle your way through a series of major tournaments. All the while, you will meet new characters, have conversations and make decisions that will affect the fate of the entire world.

Failure is not an option. There will be hard decisions to make and Finn will have to live with the consequences. In addition to the non-linear main plot, told through (fully voice acted) cutscenes and conversations, there are also side quests to explore.

Do you have what it takes to prevent a war?

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