Ashes of Creation alpha one preview event revealed

Ashes of Creation

Intrepid Studios has been hard at work on its forthcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation. Developers are ready to showcase the first chance to see the game in action during a special livestream event. On Friday, March 27th beginning at 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern, devs will be on hand in the AoC channel. The focus will primarily be on alpha one footage and gameplay, though devs will also be fielding viewer questions live during the broadcast.

“Everyone at Intrepid is excited to show our amazing community the progress we have made in creating the MMORPG of our dreams. Our goal has always been to create something our fans can be proud of, and we are dedicated to providing them the experience of a lifetime.,” said Steven Sharif, Creative Director at Intrepid Studios. “We’ve been working hard to make sure that Ashes of Creation is something truly special, and this is just the beginning of what we expect will be a very exciting 2020 for MMO fans.”

Those who won’t be able to attend the event will be able to check it out thanks to stream videos being posted to both Twitch and YouTube.

Check out the Ashes of Creation official site to learn more.

About Ashes of Creation

Set on a fallen world untouched by civilizations for thousands of years, you will:

  • rebuild, repopulate, and rediscover the world of Verra.
  • Cities will rise and fall, their fates determined through force of will and power.

This is something you’ve never experienced before – a completely unique world that never stops changing.


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