Platformer Aura Of Worlds Ready To Challenge Players Starting On April 24th

Aura Of Worlds, a new rogue-like platformer from indie studio Cognitive Forge, is set to launch on Steam April 24th. With a strong focus on exploration, surviving the deadly levels will require the use of quick reflexes and even quicker wit.

With 3 primary world types (Grotto, Gardens, and Temple) built from 8 randomized themes, all filled with deadly hazards and over 70 unique enemies, each level will bring new challenges to overcome. Will you take a defensive stance, slowly scouting the entire level for goodies, or will you dive head first with reckless abandon into the unknown? With objects having multiple uses, there is no right way past an obstacle or enemy – parkour to stay out of reach, cloak and sneak by, warp time, or just blow it up with a grenade – the path is yours to choose.

While the game will hit Early Access in a stable, fully playable state, there are plans to add additional content prior to full release. From the Aura of Worlds Steam page:

Planned features
  • You will retain your progress between each version (seriously we hate it when games wipe out everything on version 1.0; or a system overhaul).
  • Additional worlds such as “Cold Crust Caves” (area previewed at the end of the trailer).
  • New creative abilities such as “sphere of influence” and “frost blast”
  • Item Unlocks.
  • Additional enemies and traps unique to latter areas; that will challenge your wits, reflexes and planning
  • At least 2 more world bosses.
  • Cosmetic unlocks such as pets and dyes.
  • Daily Challenge mode

For anyone interested in finding out more about Aura Of Worlds, head over to the Aura Of Worlds official site, or check it out on Steam.

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