Bear With Me : The Lost Robots Is Out Now

Bear WIth Me

Bear With Me : The Lost Robots continues our rather furry morning’s news as the latest noir point and click adventure from this franchise hits Steam today.

If you thought you’d seen it all with kungfu hamsters and furry mages then you’ve not been playing video games long enough. Today you get the chance to follow up cleaning the streets of Hamsterdam by tackling a noir-esque murder mystery with a bear detective. Bear With Me: The Lost Robots is a prequel to the original adventure featuringAmber’s brother Flint (the protagonist of the original trilogy) and the callous detective Ted E. Bear. It follows this pair of characters as they take to the seedy underbelly of Paper City as they uncover new characters and delve into the events that lead up to the first Bear With Me game.

For those that haven’t had the opportunity to interact with the wonderfully acerbic Ted E. Bear and the residents of Paper City, Bear With Me is a point and click mystery that reimagines a classic genre of video game. Instead of dropping players onto the dank streets of a human city you’ll find the crosswalks and dark corners of Paper City populated by stuffed bears, alligators, and the odd robot. This title takes the expected visual style of black and white noir and subverts it with Dark interrogations, sarcastic banter, and challenging puzzles.

Featuring an evocative soundtrack, expansive narrative and a uniquely drawn 2D animated art-style accented by an impressive film noir style, Bear With Me will take players through an emotional rollercoaster of a journey that will determine the fates of our protagonists. Bear With Me: The Lost Robots is available for PC now, via Steam. You can find out more about Mr. Ted E. Bear and the mystery that awaits over on the official website now.

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