Betray Your Friends For Free In The Eville Open Beta

Good Versus Eville. It’s an age old battle and you can jump into a world full of conspiracy and dark demons when social deduction game Eville launches an Open Beta on 22 August.

VestGames has just announced that social survival title Eville, is about to set players among the werewolves in a pre release test that upends the peace and harmony of a quaint village. Much like First Class Trouble, Among Us, or Killer in the Cabin a seemingly trivial backdrop hides a dark truth, if you have the nerve to join the upcoming open Beta test. Players who are already prepared to stab their friends in the back can sink their teeth into some vampiric play on 22 August, via Steam and the Windows Store. Right up until 5 September, you’ll be able to stroll into the aftermath of a mysterious murder and take part in some mob justice.

Published by Versus Evil, this mischievous multiplayer pops players into a village turned against itself. Like other social deduction titles, some players will take the role of local residents, while saboteurs will come in the form of witches, werewolves and other ne’er do wells. Each with their own abilities, these randomly assigned pieces decorate a board full of quests and goals, mainly to just survive the fall of night.

If you have what it takes to stay alive and uncover the conspirators, then joining the upcoming beta to grab Mr.Peterson (from the survival horror stealth game, Hello Neighbor), who mysteriously found his way into Eville. You can check out more about the upcoming free to play pre release event over on the official website now or check out the trailer for a look at the ensuing carnage that lands next week.

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