Biomutant Levels Up to v1.5


Experiment 101 has announced the release of the v1.5 patch for Biomutant. The update brings a number of new features to the game as well as bug fixes and improvements to existing features. The update is currently available for both PC and PlayStation and will be coming to Xbox devices soon.

For PC players, v1.5 brings the Field of View Type setting that allows players to select between horizontal and vertical fields of view. According to the patch notes, the default FoV is horizontal, though widescreen monitor users may want to go with Vertical Field of View for the correct aspect ratio.

Other notable features of the patch include:

  • a level cap increase from 50 to 100
  • loot generation has been tweaked to reduce duplicate items and improve the variety
  • new items have been added with higher stats
  • the loot screen now has a “scrap action” ability which “should reduce time spent cleaning up the inventory”
  • new HUD settings have been added so players can choose when they want the HUD to show
  • tweaks to Dialogue and Narrator; Combat, UI, Quests, New Game+, World
  • bug fixes, crash fixes, and miscellaneous tweaks

Check out the full update notes by visiting the Biomutant Steam or PlayStation page.

Wondering how the game plays? You can check out our review that says, “For the first time in a long time, a game has lived up (and in my opinion surpassed) the hyped that’s been created around it. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if BIOMUTANT is not game of the year.”

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